We are an interdisciplinary group


Co-founder − Project manager

I am a woman designer. I am constantly wondering how my creations are shaped by the cultural values of the society to which I belong. I define myself as feminist, as a person that cares about human and other beings. As a designer, I want my work to both convey my own values and challenge some common assumptions regarding gender. I believe that design may be employed to bring social changes, and for this reason, my creations are a reflection of my values: equality, respect of nature, and community engagement

Andrea Diaz


Co-founder − storytelling expert 

I am a documentary filmmaker. I studied philosophy, journalism and have a master’s degree in film production. I have been producing non-fiction podcasts and documentaries in different formats for almost a decade. I have directed and edited documentary projects in rural, afro and indigenous communities. I was a researcher at Concordia University and NORDIK Institute, in Canada, and I have been a journalist and producer for various digital media.


Audio producer and Sound design expert

I am an audio producer with more than 11 years of experience. I have developed my career around music as a recording and mixing engineer, and sound designer in the post-production of stories.

As part of normal collective I have worked on the development and completion of several podcast series, contributing with sound to the impact of the stories. I have worked on different projects alongside the collective, among these are El Caraño podcast, Manguaré podcast, Lazos de Agua and Gente como uno.

In the musical field I have had the opportunity to work with multiple national projects, among the most important are: Superlitio, LosPetitFellas and Burning Caravan and in projects by international artists such as Turista from Peru and Carlos Méndez from Panama.


Participative community manager

Sociologist and journalist, she has a master’s degree in Human Rights. She is an expert in processes related to the implementation of differential approaches in gender and multi-actor articulation. She is an expert in systematization of experience and installed capacity of projects of different types. She has experience coordinating podcast production teams in diverse locations and virtually, conducting podcast listening sessions, and working with community radio stations.

Cesar andres paredes peña

Research in Language and Literature

I work at the Foundation for Freedom of the Press and do research in literature and sound fictions. I have worked with different organizations and social and political movements in Colombia. I have been a professor at the University of Antioquia, EAFIT and a guest professor at the University of Barcelona and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I worked as a journalist in the political section of Revista Semana. I have a doctorate in Literature from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, a Master’s degree in Literary Criticism from the University of Salamanca and a Journalist degree from the University of Antioquia.

Daniel ruiz-serna

Participatory community research

I’m an environmental anthropologist, ethnographer of war, rural worlds, and human-animal relationships. I wrote a book (When Forest Run Amok. War and its Afterlives in Indigenous and Afro-Colombian territories) that describes the way war becomes an experience that extends beyond the human, affecting many other beings with whom people share the forests and rivers that make up one of the most biodiverse places in the world.

My ethnographic argument aims to lay the foundations of a more inclusive transitional and restorative justice, enhancing practices of memory, truth and reconciliation in Colombia and beyond. The tenet is simple: to redress the harm violence provokes, one needs to document the lively relationalities of peoples and their natural worlds, taking into account the agency and personhood of beings such as mountains or spirits but also listening to animals, rivers, and forests.